ATA Tigers – Martial Arts Taekwondo

Lombard and Aurora Martial Arts – Taekwondo

The Tiger Taekwondo program, for children ages 4-7, is designed to improve Listening Skills, develop Motor Skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions. In addition to martial arts and self-defense, students also learn Life Skills such as confidence, respect, courtesy, integrity, perseverance and more. We also use the “Drill Skills Tools” for the Tiny Tigers, teaching them to jump over obstacles to increase agility and develop muscle strength and balance with fun games such as frog hops and duck walks. All of our activities are taught in a safe, fun and effective way. Students are expected to have good behavior not only at Taekwondo, but also at home and in school. Our reward system allows students to earn stars for their uniform. Give your child a head start in school by giving them the necessary skills to be a great student.