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About ATA

About the ATA

The ATA is the largest single style martial arts origination in the world. Nationwide there are more than 130.000 active members. Come and experience what we have to offer by calling and setting up an “Introductory Class” for your child and yourself. Find out why The ATA is creating tomorrow’s leaders one black belt at a time. For more information about the American Taekwondo Association, you can visit



What positive action you take today, will change lives tomorrow. 9th Degree Black Belt
Grand Master Robert Allemier
Our Results in Numbers

A 1985 study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibili-
ty, and a higher sense of self-esteem.


Our Instructors

Douglas Nakane – Ch. Master

Douglas Nakane – Ch. Master

8th Degree Black Belt

Chief Instructor, Sr. Master Douglas Nakane has been in the American Taekwondo Association for since 1981.  He had taught ATA Taekwondo at Northwestern University, Evanston campus, for over twenty years, Roycemore Academy, North Chicago Park District, Country Club Hills school district and Head instructor at Western Illinois University to name a few. Sr. Master Nakane has taught self-defense seminars for…

Laura Kapala

Laura Kapala

5th Degree Black Belt

Certified instructor Laura Kapala is the Program Director at the Lombard Academy. After being involved in Kick Boxing, Mrs. Kapala decided to give ATA Taekwondo a try and the rest is history. In addition to teaching at the Lombard Academy, she also brings our ATA Tiger Taekwondo program to several daycare Centers in the Western Suburbs, where she trains pre-school-aged…