Douglas Nakane – Ch. Master

8th Degree Black Belt

Chief Instructor, Sr. Master Douglas Nakane has been in the American Taekwondo Association for since 1981.  He had taught ATA Taekwondo at Northwestern University, Evanston campus, for over twenty years, Roycemore Academy, North Chicago Park District, Country Club Hills school district and Head instructor at Western Illinois University to name a few. Sr. Master Nakane has taught self-defense seminars for Brach’s candy corporation, American Airlines, New Horizon Christian Church, Omni Health and Fitness Center and Evanston Township High School to name a few.

            He is certified to teach Songahm Taekwondo, Bullying Prevention, Kidz ‘N Power and Sexual Harassment, Assault and Rape Prevention (SHARP), Protech systems which includes such programs as ground fighting, joint manipulations and pressure point control tactics to name a few. And he is an International Judge for Song Ahm Taekwondo.