Karate for kids

Lombard and Aurora Martial Arts – Taekwondo

This nationally acclaimed program, offered in our Lombard and Aurora schools for children ages 8 and up, trains students in Songahm Taekwondo. This program is known for the Life Skill development and advance instruction in martial arts. Children who train in the Karate for Kids program learn confidence, courtesy, respect, honesty, self-esteem and much more. We emphasize the importance of Goal Setting, Integrity and Self Control, while continuing to reinforce the importance of having Self Confidence. Children are taught self-defense and depending on their rank will begin to learn practical application of techniques through sparring, one on one drills, and weapons training. Students are expected to have good behavior not only at Taekwondo, but also at home and in school. Our reward system allows students to earn stars for their uniform. In most cases, students’ focus and grade average increase with their training in the martial arts due to our curriculum. Many doctors, school psychologists and educators have recommended martial arts for children.